"'My house shall be called the house of prayer' (Matt 21:13). Note, not 'the house of preaching and singing,' but of prayer. Yet in the great majority of even so-called orthodox churches, the ministry of prayer has become a negligible quantity." -- Profitting from the Word, A. W. Pink

Grace is the Place

GRACE is the place where followers of Jesus Christ gather to encourage each other in their personal journey with the Lord Jesus.  As we worship, study the Bible, and pray together, we are strengthened and equipped to live an authentic life of service for the Lord Jesus . . .

GRACE is the place for people like you . . . where real people, attempting to live real lives, in the real world, find help and hope for the challenges of every day living .

GRACE is the place where new people are invited and welcome to join in the exciting adventure of spiritual discovery and growth . . .


Come along with us . . .we are going somewhere good!!


Did you enjoy last week's sermon? Now you can hear it again!

We have a new evangelism website. If you haven't seen it yet, you can find it at www.soyouwant2live4ever.com. This is the web address that we are hoping to include on all of our tracts as a way to follow up and reconnect with those who receive them.

New Market Night photos!

Upcoming Events

  • Sunday, July 20th, 12:30pm:  The Magnusens have invited us all to their home for a pool and BBQ time.  Come early after church. We will eat at 12:30pm.  The church will provide hot dogs, chips, and drinks.  Everyone is asked to bring something to share for dessert.  If you’d like to bring something else for the grill, Dan will be happy to help.
  • Sunday, August 17. 12:30pm:  the Magnusens love to party and want us all to return . . . we will do the after church swim and BBQ time again.
  • For upcoming fishing trip information, go here.

Other Ministries

A number of people in our congregation have their own ministries. You can have yourr ministry information listed if you wish. Go to the Ministries link at the top of the page and select "Other Ministries."

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Get Ready For Goose Bumps!


Roger and I had the time of our lives at last week’s, first ever, Ambassador’s Academy.  A ministry of Living Waters Ministries, these three days of intense training in personal evangelism, street witnessing, and street preaching, was life-changing on so many levels.

I was only able to share put of it with you on Sunday . . . there is so much more to tell.

I’ve never been with a group of so many excited, fired up people who wanted to share their faith and tell others about the savior.  I was ashamed of my lack in the zeal and enthusiasm departments . . . these men and women were so inspiring.  All 50 of us hit Hollywood Blvd Friday morning amidst all the craziness that is there and then spent Saturday at the Huntington Beach pier sharing the gospel message.

In addition to handing our tracts and witnessing to people all day long both days, I also stood on a bench on the Huntington Beach pier and preached “open air” to all who were gathered outside and around Ruby’s restaurant . . . I don’t know if I helped or hurt Ruby’s lunch time business . . . but I know that people heard the good news about Jesus’ saving power.

If Roger and I have anything to say about, we will never be the same . . . and neither will Grace Fellowship.

Roy's Blog

If you haven't noticed, he's at it again. . .some good articles too. don't miss out!

Have you noticed that the "South 40" has been cleared?

As I shared in church a coupleof weeks ago, we were approached by the construction company that will be doingpipeline work on Beryl Street.  In exchange for using our corner to storetheir equipment, they will clear and grade our south 40. 

What an answer to prayer!!  I have wished for a plan to clean up thisarea and the elders had just met and agreed to get some estimates on the costto have it cleared and graded . . . a few days later we got the phone call.

Thanks much to Kevin for meetingwith the construction people and negotiating a deal that will be favorable toboth of us.


Today's Thought


"Developing mature disciples with hearts for God, for each other, & for a lost world"

Col 1:28 “And we proclaim Him, admonishing every man and teaching every man with all wisdom,
that we may present every man complete in Christ.”

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