Another Great Night at the Street Fair!!

A large crowd was out tonight at the street fair in Upland and your faithful GFC evangelists were out in force too.  Roger, Dan, Carlos, John, and Don all joined together with yours truly and we handed out tracts by the hundreds.  Million dollar bills, thousand dollar bills, and hundred dollar bills were the favorites of everyone we met.

Don met a half dozen young teenage boys who swore to him that they had never broken any of the 10 commandments . . . they'd never lied, never stolen, always obeyed and honored their parents . . . right down the line.  You'll have to ask him how that conversation came out.

Market Night
Don is surrounded!! he had them right where he wanted them!

Roger and John each had a conversation with a Mormon . . . and Roger had a lengthy talk with a man that could not accept the Bible as a valid document for reading or study . . I overheard part of one tough conversation that Carlos was into . . . once again I found myself so very proud of each of these fellow evangelists in action.

Market Night
Dan has an opportunity for a gospel-sharing conversation.

One the teenage girls I spoke with claimed to be an atheist . . . pray for Danielle.  She laughed and mocked the whole time I shared the gospel with her and her friend Lindsey.

I had a great conversation with Sara and Britney . . . later on I had a very good conversation with Ryan, Joseph, and Michael.  Each of these teenagers acknowledged that they had broken God's laws, that they were guilty, and if God judged them they were deserving of hell.  I was able to share the good news of Christ's payment for their sin and his offer of forgiveness and eternal life to those who repent and place their faith & trust in him.

Market Night
Ryan and Michael enjoy taking the "good person test."

Please pray for these young people.  I sensed that God was working in their hearts . . .

You'll notice something new in these photos . . . you'll notice that my face appears here for the first time.  Dan took my camera away from me and took these pictures because he thought I was being left out . . or maybe it was his way of getting even for me posting photos of him . . you'll have to ask him about his motives.

Market Night
We had lots of teenagers to talk to tonight.

Market Night
Carlos is always a hit with the kids



"Developing mature disciples with hearts for God, for each other, & for a lost world"

Col 1:28 “And we proclaim Him, admonishing every man and teaching every man with all wisdom,
that we may present every man complete in Christ.”

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